Backyard Wonderland: Creating a Kids Play Space In Your BackyardBackyard Wonderland: Creating a Kids Play Space In Your Backyard

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Backyard Wonderland: Creating a Kids Play Space In Your Backyard

Having children made me look at my home's backyard from a whole new perspective. As my little ones started walking, I began to see how I could turn my backyard into a playground that was safe and secure for them to play. After spending a lot of time researching the safety and stability of the play structures and materials that were out there, I built a play area that's secure and fun for my kids. I created this site to share all of the ideas that I had as well as some other things I've found over the years to help other parents create the perfect play space to bring the family together at home.

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Five Common Gutter Issues

Gutters route water away from your eaves, siding, and foundation, which is beneficial to your home. Gutter problems can lead to bigger issues, so it's a smart idea to know what to watch for.

1. Sagging Troughs

If your gutters troughs are sagging, they aren't able to do their job, because water will collect inside the sagging area. Eventually, the weight in the sagging section can cause the gutters to tear loose. Sagging can indicate dirty or clogged gutters that need to be cleaned out so they are no longer weighted down. Missing gutter clips or gutters not installed on the proper slope to encourage drainage can also develop sags.

2. Loose Fittings

Gutters are held in place on the eaves with gutter clips. If these clips come loose, then your gutters will start to fall down. They also won't be able to support the weight of the water flowing through them in heavy rain. Clips can come off for many reasons, including wind or winter storms. Fortunately, they are simple to replace. When your gutter repair service replaces missing clips, they will also verify that the gutters are sloped correctly so that they are emptying quickly into the downspouts.

3. Clogged Downspouts

Leaves and debris can collect inside the downspout, leading to a major clog that then prevents the entire gutter system from working properly. Sometimes downspouts get damaged and bent, particularly where they empty out on the ground, which leads to further problems. Clean out your downspouts and have damage promptly repaired so that you can be sure that your entire gutter system is working as it should. Consider getting hinged downspouts so you can lift them out of the way when you are mowing or working in the yard. This helps cut down on damage.

4. Leaking Seams

Seamed gutters are sealed where two lengths join. Over time, this seal can fail and your gutter will begin to leak there. This makes your gutters effectively useless. A gutter repair service can reseal the seams, but a better option is to install new seamless gutters. These systems don't have any seams along their straight lengths, only where they connect to the downspout. This cuts down on the amount of areas where a leak can develop.

5. Rust and Corrosion

Although gutters are typically made of aluminum, which is both rust and corrosion resistant, damage can occur over time. The most likely cause is that a grounding wire is not connected properly and instead is grounded to your gutters, which causes an electric reaction that leads to corrosion. Some older gutters may also be made out of other materials that are more prone to rust. If you notice discoloration or pinprick-sized holes in your gutters, you will need to have them replaced.

If you've noticed leaks or other signs of damage on your gutters, contact a local gutter repair service like Clinton Seamless Guttering for more assistance.