Backyard Wonderland: Creating a Kids Play Space In Your BackyardBackyard Wonderland: Creating a Kids Play Space In Your Backyard

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Backyard Wonderland: Creating a Kids Play Space In Your Backyard

Having children made me look at my home's backyard from a whole new perspective. As my little ones started walking, I began to see how I could turn my backyard into a playground that was safe and secure for them to play. After spending a lot of time researching the safety and stability of the play structures and materials that were out there, I built a play area that's secure and fun for my kids. I created this site to share all of the ideas that I had as well as some other things I've found over the years to help other parents create the perfect play space to bring the family together at home.

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3 Signs Your Septic Tank Needs To Be Pumped

Your septic tank and accompanying system do a tough job for you and your family by handling all of the waste water from your toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machine, dishwasher and more. Even though a good septic tank and system should be able to handle the waste water from your family for the most part, it does need to be pumped every now and then once it becomes overly full. Someone from a septic tank repair company can talk to you about your family size, septic tank size and amount of water use to determine how often your tank should be flushed, and you can also look out for these three signs. If you notice any of them, now is the time to call a pro to give your septic tank some attention, since you could find yourself dealing with a back-up or other nasty issue if you don't have your tank pumped in the near future.

1. You Notice a Foul Stench

Sewage can't really be expected to smell good, but the truth is, you shouldn't smell anything if your system is working properly. If you notice a sewage-type odor when you're outside or when you flush the toilet, it could be a sign that your septic tank is overfilled.

2. Your Drains are Moving Slowly

Have you noticed that the water runs out really slowly when you take a shower, use your sink or even flush the toilet? If so, there are two potential causes -- a plumbing issue or a septic tank issue. The main way to tell the difference is to check out multiple drains in your house. If it's just the shower that is draining slowly, for example, it could be because of a hair clog or another similar plumbing issue. If multiple drains in your home are draining slowly, however, it could be indicative that your septic tank needs to be pumped.

3. The Area Above Your Drain Field Looks Different

Take a look at the area above your drain field or the area where your septic tank is located. If you notice that there is standing water in the area -- particularly if your area has not experienced heavy rain recently -- or if the grass looks much greener and healthier than the rest of your lawn, it could be because the water levels in your septic tank are raising higher than they should be. In this case, having your septic tank pumped should solve the problem.

Dealing with a septic tank that is overfilled can be a big pain. If you notice any of these three things or if you just haven't had your septic tank inspected or pumped in a while, now is the time to talk to a septic tank repair pro to have the situation taken care of.